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You breathed heavily, wiping sweat from your forehead. It was one of those nights where you hanged out in the basketball court near your house. Dribbling the ball in your hands, you threw the ball, still missing the hoop. You groaned in frustration, throwing the ball at the fence.

"You seem pretty angry at the ball." You heard a deep voice say behind you. Turning around you saw your best friend, Kagami. You rolled your eyes, walking to where the beat up ball was.

"What are you doing here?"

"I can ask you the same thing (Y/N)."

You sighed before answering, "I came here to practice as usual." He nodded, before getting his own ball from his bag. He dribbled it, throwing it to the hoop, and it easily made it through. He smirked in satisfaction, turning attention back to you.

"Now tell me, what's bothering you?" he asked in genuine concern.

"I'm need help." you replied.


"Yeah, in throwing the ball into the hoop." you shyly said, turning around. You could hear him chuckle lowly.

"Hey! That's not funny. Stop laughing!" you huffed crossing your arms. Only to receive more chuckles from him.

"Are you gonna help me or not?" you asked interrupting his fits of laughter. He waved his hands, signalling a yes. You finally got your ball from the ground, and dribbled it. He finally recovered, turning his serious face back.

"Alright, let us get started, shall we?" he smirked. You puffed up your cheeks, ready to play with this beast (a/n: /laughs nervously/).

""But wait," he paused "I need something in return." you sighed.

"And what might that be?" you looked at him. He grinned, "you'll find out after I teach you, agree?" you rolled your eyes, shrugging.

Not waiting for him to continue, you turned your attention the hoop. Then you felt arms snake around you. You heart stopped for a moment, your head barely registering what's happening.

"Relax, this is the part where I teach you." you can you hear Kagami's breathing above you. Your heart didn't stop pounding. Just ignoring the fact that you're merely about to puke from the closeness, your focus went back to the hoop.

"Now," he grabbed your wrists, raising them "focus on the ball, and your position, not the hoop." he said. You nodded, your eyes lingering at his arms. You coughed, then remembering what he said. You did as he said, and threw the ball.

It worked, it went into the hoop. You gasped in surprise, you smiled.

"See, it isn't hard." he commented.

"Now try again."

You nodded in response, trying again. It went in perfectly, you jumped up in down happily. Then running to Kagami, hugging him.

"Thank you, thank you." you giggled.

"Now, what was it that you wanted?" you grinned. A smirked, grabbing your waist, bringing you closer to his body.

"K-Kagam-" you got cut off by a pair of lips pressing against yours. Before you can actually kiss him back, he moved away. Your grabbed him my the shirt, and pulled him down for another kiss, surprising him. He happily kissed you back.

Here goes one of the request I got. Omg, I feel like I didn't grasp his character right whinesss. Bleh, anyways, I don't know much about basketball so?? sorry?? but hope you guys enjoyed this, and pls feedback would be nice ;////;

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This is damn adorable I....
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My feels ;; THIS IS I CAN'T EVEN HUHU <3
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it's getting spicy lmao
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omg! please make more
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Aww shit sonnnn
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